Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Commencing on THE journey...August 30th

August 30th, 2009. This is where it begins. The start of an epic adventure to Mildenhall, England.

Now I'll admit, I feel very silly, nerdy, and overall NOT cyber-savvy enough to begin a blog about myself. In all honesty, I'm afraid I've been avoiding this for quite sometime-succumbing to the land of technology-savvy "diary" writing...where wit and humor and realness come out in a person (subtract wit and humor and add "poser" for me). but I figured this is the best way to journal my experiences in these next 4 months. That is...the experiences I am okay sharing with the rest of the world. 

I leave August 30th for the Motherland. Finally.
For those of you who have absolutely NO idea what I am doing over there, I shall tell you. I will be interning on a Royal Airforce Military Base. No I am not enrolled in the Airforce. Sorry. The military is for my big brother, not for me. I applied for an internship through the University of Northern Iowa that allows me to live overseas and apply my teaching/caregiving skills to the deployed children. I will work in a preschool, manage it, observe, and teach children who live on the Mildenhall Airforce Base in England. 
I am MORE than ecstatic! I get to work with children everyday...take joy in child-like faith...learn from little people who enjoy the small things in life. AND I get to do it in England. What more could I ask for? plan with this blogging "thing" is to just keep ya'll updated with my neatO experiences. More importantly, I get to journal so I can remember my crazy adventures and experiences for myself.  : ) Enjoy!