Sunday, October 11, 2009

My envy towards children.

'Ello from the land of accents, dirty dry humor, Marmite, fish and chips, and futbol hooligans. I cannot believe I've been here for over a month. It seems like I just arrived...yet it feels like I've been here for months.
Anywho...I want to share experiences I've had with my children with you. know...notmy children...the preschool kids I've been graced with seeing everyday.
So there is this 4 year old Blondie beauty. She looks like a dainty porcelain doll, but has the personality completely opposite of that. She is the dreamer of the bunch. Always the last in line because she is skipping listlessly around as if she is in her own world. This can be difficult at times because she neglects to sit still during "group time" or takes ages to wash her hands because she is so enthralled with the soap bubbling up. As her teacher, I can't stand it! But as a grown up woman, I am jealous and intrigued and I hold a special place in my heart for this girl. How lovely is it that kids can be entertained by the simplest of things. This girl giggles at the random est of things. Every time she "blows the wind" she always feels the need to tell me. She laughs and says..."Oops! Miss Jessie...I farted!" She has the funniest giggle I've ever she almost knows she is weird and silly. One day I was waking her up from nap time (she struggles getting up from her naps compared to the rest of the kids), and every time I wake her, I ask her "What did you dream about today?" Every dream of hers is full of silliness. One day she stares into space trying to remember her dream...and says in a sleepy, very thoughtful, as-a-matter-of-fact voice, "I...I dream of...of cookies. I dreamed of the cookies at snack time! The ones with bananas." this may not sound that beautiful or intriguing to you, but it is beautiful to me. And I love that. I love that I find beauty in this. In spending time with children and experiencing these moments with them. These moments of hearing their dreams. The moment when a 4 year old can sing the entire Little Mermaid song, "Part of Your World" without any help. The moment I teach the game "Blast Off" in wagons, and a little boy remembers that we float in space because there is no gravity.
The hours and hours I spend with the children is tiring, but so rewarding. The moments I get with them...when they remember that "dog" starts with the letter "D" or that "replete" means you're full....are moments that happen once in a lifetime. And I'm so happy to be apart of those moments.